Born out of a passion for landscape photography, Stepping Stone Products, LLC, was founded in 1998. Founder, Rich Davis – an inventor and innovator – developed this unique device to photograph lightning originally for himself. "I was attempting to photograph lightning in the daytime and was determined there was a better way," says Davis.

Early on, he recognized that the potential for fellow photographers to enjoy the thrill of capturing the lightning landscape was more important than just keeping the device to himself. So he pressed forward and applied and received two patents. He began manufacturing and selling the Lightning Trigger®  a short time later.


 To date, many thousands of photographers worldwide in more than 50 countries can attest to the performance, quality and dependability of the Lightning Trigger® – the tool that enables them to capture the lighting landscape anytime of the day – from the brightest sunshine to the darkest night.


“The first goal of Stepping Stone Products is integrity. With this ethic in mind, quality, performance and dependability easily follow,” says Davis."


Stepping Stones Products' offices are located in Southwest Colorado and the Lightning Trigger® is manufactured in the United States.


Stepping Stone Products, LLC - 404 W Main St, Ste 130-A, Cortez, CO 81321


US and International: 970-799-4845