~ Additional Uses ~

Remote Camera Activation
The Lightning Trigger can easily detect a flash strobe -- even at low power settings -- from hundreds of yards away during bright daylight. Since the duration of the flash is much shorter than the lag time of the camera, the exposure is uneffected by the flash and the flash will not be captured.
Master Photographer Joe McDonald of McDonald Wildlife Photography provides great example of how this is done.

McDonald Wildlife Photography, "The LIGHTNING TRIGGER as a Remote Triggering Device", by Joe McDonald, http://www.hoothollow.com/Equipment%20Reviews/Lightning%20Trigger.html


Fireworks are very easy to photograph. Simply compose to include the display area, set your camera to manual mode, manual focus, ISO 100, f/4 @ 4 seconds.
Automotive backfire photography is a unique application of the Lightning Trigger. Bob D'Amato took these great images using a Canon 1D Mk II, w/ 28-300 f/5.6 IS L lens.

Cannon Fire & Muzle Flash: The details of how to are coming soon.

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Alliance, Nebraska

"Bee Martin"

"The bird photo was taken while using the L.T.  Everything was preset and then used a flash gun to fire the camera.  Worked well in bright sunshine."

Dolores, Colorado