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Question: How do I become a great lightning photographer and get rid of my "Clunker" too?

Answer: The Lightning Trigger LT-IV is based on superior patented technology. Unlike ALL of the other devices, which use the same hobby circuit design - a simple photosensor and microcontroller to detect lightning. Even if they offer additional functions, come in red, pink, blue, or black the basic design is the same! You can pay anywhere from $99.99 to $379.99 and get the same poor results. The only function that they do not advertise is the one that makes you scratch your head and ask yourself "why didn't I buy the Lightning Trigger® instead."

Solution: For a limited time there's a simple fix. You don't have to stand alongside your friends and cringe while they capture all the lightning strikes with their Lightning Trigger® as you count your misses. We now have a "Clunker Trade-In©" program. Receive up to 10% off of the LT-IV in exchange for your other "device" when your order the Lightning Trigger® LT-IV. You wouldn't keep a camera or a lens that worked only once in awhile. You would trade it in! Join the crowd and add to the "Clunker Bin©."

Don't miss the another storm!. Call or email today to find out more information.

The "Clunker Bin©" Collection

All devices shown below were obtained as trade-ins from their disappointed customers and we have many more in every "Clunking Brand©"!