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Question: How do I become a great lightning photographer and get rid of my "Clunker" too?

Answer: The Lightning Trigger LT3 and LT-IV are based on superior patented technology. Unlike ALL of the other devices, which use the same hobby circuit design - a simple photosensor and microcontroller. Even if they offer additional functions, come in red, pink, blue, or black the basic design is the same! You can pay anywhere from $99.99 to $379.99 and get the same poor results. The only function that they do not advertise is the one that makes you scratch your head and ask yourself "why didn't I buy the Lightning Trigger® instead."

Solution: Now there's a simple fix. You don't have to stand alongside your friends and cringe while they capture all the lightning strikes with their Lightning Trigger® as you count your misses. We now have a "Clunker Trade-In©" program. Receive up to $100.00 discount for your other "device" trade-in when your order the Lightning Trigger® LT3 or LT-IV. You wouldn't keep a camera or a lens that worked only once in awhile. You would trade it in! Join the crowd and add to the "Clunker Bin©."

Don't miss the another storm!. Call or email today to find out more information.

The "Clunker Bin©" Collection

All devices shown below were obtained as trade-ins from their disappointed customers and we have many more!.