~ The Lightning Trigger Photo Gallery ('Trigger Gallery) ~
Many thanks go to the owners and users of the Lightning Trigger® whose contribution of images makes this page possible.
Ken Sklute
Canon Explorer of Light

Roger Hill

Don Poggensee / Wind Rider Images

Greg Anderson / www.gapixels.com

Stu Langrehr 

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Ron Fry / Picture Perfect Photography
"I have been trying to get this shot for about 4 years. This time everything came together."
"... I can't tell you how much fun I have had using your invention. It is awesome. The greatest photographic accessory I have ever purchased. ..."

Please note that there is no special order to this exhibit of photographers and their remarkable images!
"I shot this photo with your lightning trigger, Canon Digital Rebel XTI, taken over the bluffs of the Santa Monica Bay, California."

"Very pleased " "The Trigger worked great."

"...I must say that I see number of additional applications for your device, besides catching lightning bolts.  Very nice device!!..." "...Like my ne[w] “toy”..."

"Quick note to let you know your trigger really helped me to get a few pix of lightning around the space shuttle Endeavour this past week."

NASA / Bill Ingalls
M. Adam Namerow / Visions In Time, LLC
Roy Forbes / Majestic Productions
"I finally got some use out of my lightning trigger, and it worked great and reliably."
"These photos were taken during the day, without a tripod.  Pretty well impossible without the lightning trigger!  Thanks for making these wonderful images possible!"
"Here's a couple of my favorite lightning shots captured with the trigger for your web gallery update.  Even though you can sometimes get lucky and get a shot like this with the 'shutter open' method, I like that the trigger insures I capture every flash of lightning at dusk or just getting dark.  I also like when I can get the stars or the moon in the same image - gives you a lot to look at in the image.
Thanks - the trigger is really great!

Pete Rendek / www.imagesofaz.com

Lightning Trigger® is a Trademark of Stepping Stone Products, LLC. Unauthorized use is Prohibited.
..." I tell everyone that asks how I catch so many lightning images that its all because of you and your trigger."

Michael Caligure / Michael J Caligure Photography
"Two to Tango."
Dave Arnold Photo / www.davearnoldphoto.com
"What excites me about the LT is, without it, I would have taken anywhere between 6000 and 12,000 consecutive shots in this daylight storm and spent hours going through them to find this single good shot.  Thanks to the LT, it only took moments to go through the 39 shots.  THAT is worth the price of the LT, in and of itself."

"Bought my first Lighting Trigger last summer and enjoyed it tremendously."
"Ft. Huachuca, AZ"
"I bought a lightning trigger from you 2 years ago.  It is served me very well."
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Don Poggensee / Wind Rider Images