Introducing the Lightning Trigger LT-IV-FC* - Made In The USA!

Price: $389.00
Ships in about 2 Weeks.
Item Number: LT-IV-FC
Manufacturer: Stepping Stone Products, LLC
Manufacturer Part No: LT-IV-FC
Ships via FedEx 2d/Priority USPS /Expr Mail (Intl) - signature required.
Introducing the Lighting Trigger LT-IV-FC features Unparalleled Performance:
• Patented Automatic Gain Control provides constant sensitivity day or night -- no old technology knobs/sliders to fumble with
• Responds to IR remotes, flash strobes, canon flash, laser light, and just about any flash source - while being immune to ordinary household lighting - can also be used to trigger flash strobes for stop action and remote flash photography
• Comes with 9V alkaline battery, cable, instruction booklet and a 15-year guarantee
• Each unit is 100% quality tested

Capture the Lightning Landscape - the FIRST FLASH, the flash you see - when it happens - in any condition from the brightest sunshine to the darkest night!

Only the Imagination Required!

*Free Cable offer applies to Lightning Trigger LT-IV-FC orders only for Sony mirrorless & DSLR, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Hasselblad, Fuji, Pentax, Olympus cameras. There will be an extra charge for Leica and Mamiya cameras and non-standard cables. For replacement and additional cables, please order from the R&A Cables link. Please specify the primary camera that you will be using during the checkout process!
Visit for information on compatible camera models.

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